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Application Tips for Lawyers

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This is a weekly video series where Adam North and other members of the Kissoon Carr team briefly touch on application tips for lawyers. The legal recruitment market is a competitive place. At Kissoon Carr, we work with many incredibly talented lawyers, but there are areas that the applications we receive are often weak in.

What is the Applications Tips series?

This series will aim to combat areas that applications fall short in. Our application tips aim to help lawyers ensure that each stage of their application is completed to the best possible standard.

For example, areas for discussion will include topics such as:

  • CV tips;
  • Interview and video interview advice;
  • Market research tips;
  • Social media guidance;
  • How to follow up;
  • Networking;

…and much more!

The application tips videos will be available in an easy-to-watch, bitesize 4-5 minute conversation format. This makes them quick whilst providing enough detail to help you in making sure your applications are stellar. Make sure to reach out to the team if you are considering making a move!

Moreover, due to our ‘inch-wide, mile-deep’ approach, our consultants at Kissoon Carr are able to provide unique insights into the specific practice areas we cover.

When & where will it take place?

Each video will be released on a Friday on Adam’s LinkedIn, the Kissoon Carr YouTube Channel and on the Resources page of the website. So, to stay up-to-date make sure you connect with Adam on LinkedIn and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How can I get in touch?

If you wish to hear about specific topics or areas of applications you struggle with, let us know in advance. This well help us to create the best possible advice for you!

For more information and contact details for Adam North, visit his profile here. For other updates on the legal market, with a focus on everything Banking & Finance or Employment, follow Adam’s weekly video updates on LinkedIn.

Finally, if you found this helpful, make sure to check out our article on CV Writing Tips and download a FREE template!

Watch the first video of the application tips series below:


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