Harrison Wilde

Head KC Ambassador


M: +44 (0) 7923 355 589

Profile Overview

Harrison graduated with a Law degree from the University of Surrey in 2020.

He will undertake his LPC and MSc in Law, Business and Management at the University of Law in Guildford, commencing in September

After achieving the equivalent of three A* grades at a-level, Harrison began his undergraduate studies after being awarded a scholarship by the University of Surrey.

Harrison studied the disciplines of Criminology and Sociology in his first year, before going on to complete a work experience placement with regional law firm Biscoes in 2017. He sat in Criminal Law, which involved him attending several court hearings and taking witness statements from clients. This ignited his interest in the legal profession, converting to study Law the following year.

In 2018, Harrison worked as a course representative and regularly provided small workshops sessions which were designed to help support students in their lower years.

In 2019, Harrison was successful in his application to Horsham based firm, Lewis Denely. He sat in both Real Estate and Commercial Law, ultimately confirming his interest in pursuing the commercial route.

Throughout his time at university, Harrison was actively involved as a member of the Surrey Law Society. He has attended numerous networking events and regularly participated in society meetings and university talks, including Toulson’s Law Lecture, entitled ‘Testing the Rule of Law in the Modern World’ which was delivered by Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE.

In addition to his academics, Harrison launched his legal blog and website in February 2020. Within this, he documents his journey by sharing his experiences with other law students. After gaining much traction and amassing over 3,000 followers in three months, Harrison expanded his platform and launched the ‘Harry’s Law’ initiative.

This included the introduction of two further platforms which set out the objective of making a career in law more accessible to everybody by sharing the journeys of aspiring lawyers and practising legal professionals, hoping to inspire others along the way.

Alongside this, Harrison set up a student support platform which takes a more targeted approach at supporting students. Harrison had been running each of his channels whilst studying for his final year undergraduate exams, reflecting his true passion for helping the wider legal community and demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit throughout.

His hard work and dedication were recently recognised by the Corporate Law Academy where he was 1 out of 5 people chosen to be part of TCLA’s Accelerator Programme which had over 100 applicants.

In May 2020, Harrison became the first Kissoon Carr Ambassador after he was approached by Founder and Managing Director, Robert Hanna. His active social media presence and engagement with the Kissoon Carr team lead to him joining the firm where he was soon promoted to Head Ambassador a month after.

Why Kissoon Carr?

The Kissoon Carr team comprises of some of the best experts within the legal industry. I am delighted to be involved and work closely with individuals that have a high-level of knowledge and who are well-respect in the legal world. I saw this as a great opportunity to enhance and develop many skills that are required in the competitive legal sector, and have since been welcomed with open arms, receiving a huge amount of support for my work both within the team, and on my personal platforms.

I wanted to be part of the Kissoon Carr team because we share the same values, and together we strive to meet our objectives and build a better future for those within the legal community. I liked the idea of joining a close-knit group and feeling part of a team. I am a great admirer of Founder and Managing Director Robert Hanna, whose guidance and effective approach to leadership really enabled me to believe in the vision the firm holds.

To date, working with Kissoon Carr has been very rewarding and I look forward to becoming more involved with their ‘Legally Speaking Podcast’ which will give me a chance to network with many of the wonderful guest features, as well as the wide range of opportunities they make available to us.

In such a short space of time, I feel like a valued and trusted member of the team which fuels my passion further. Kissoon Carr are very focused on what they hope to achieve. I am an incredibly driven and determined individual who likes to take on new challenges, and by working with Kissoon Carr, I feel that together we can make a true difference in the legal community. I am extremely proud to be representing a leading firm in the legal industry who take pride in the work they do, and go the extra mile to ensure they are setting the highest standards.