Oliver Bodmer

Head of Videography & Audio


M: +44 (0) 7881 571 478
Oliver Bodmer

Profile Overview

Oliver graduated from Bristol University in 2019 with a high 2:1 in Political Science.

An aficionado of the creative world, Oliver specialises in producing Kissoon Carr’s video, photo, copy and podcast content on a part-time basis. Oliver joined the Kissoon Carr family in August 2019, and since then has helped propel the Legally Speaking Podcast into the hundreds of listeners. His work on the editing and promotional side has ensured the podcast has become an authoritative source of insight for industry professionals, as well as an all-round entertaining listen.

Oliver’s video work has further supported the Kissoon Carr brand, with his cinematography and post-production expertise utilised to create the Kissoon Carr ‘Weekly Update’ series. The show can be caught on the company YouTube channel, and aims to provide the Kissoon Carr network with valuable insights from the legal world, the best podcast highlights and regular corporate updates.


  • Motion Graphics & Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Podcast/Audio Editing
  • Cinematography (LinkedIn Certified)
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design


  • Mother Tongue: English
  • Intermediate: French

Why Kissoon Carr?

After meeting Robert and Deenum through networking in June 2019, it was clear that Kissoon Carr was dedicated to being more than a legal recruitment firm. The firm came across as highly client-centric and committed to boosting value for the sector. This inspired me to reach out to Rob to offer my expertise. Having worked with several successful YouTube channels over the previous 3 years, I felt my self-taught motion graphics and editing skills could be useful for the team. After filming and editing the Kissoon Carr corporate video in August 2019, I was put on my current retainer to edit the Legally Speaking Podcast and produce the Kissoon Carr ‘Weekly Update’ series. The media content output has ensured Kissoon Carr’s value-add remit is more-than-covered, proving a healthy addition to the firm’s regular article content and event-sponsorship programme. The Kissoon Carr Further Education budget has also supported my online courses, especially through expanding my expertise in industry-standard motion graphics and cutting-edge cinematography.


The Legally Speaking Podcast – Powered by Kissoon Carr

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Societies, Charities and Affiliations

In late 2017 I raised £3000 to support the clean water charity ‘Dig Deep’ and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I successfully reached the summit on 1st September 2017 after a gruelling 4-day ascent. The vast majority of the money raised went directly into supporting impoverished rural communities in East Africa, under the Dig Deep ‘Taps, Toilets and Training’ principle.  

Before university, Oliver also took part in charity sleep outs for a homelessness charity and did weekly voluntary work for a local environmental initiative. No stranger to grand adventures, Oliver also completed the GR20 in Summer 2014. The 180KM walk is widely acknowledged to be one of the hardest in Europe, following the length of the mountainous spine of Corsica.