Saihra Abid

KC Ambassador


Profile Overview

Saihra graduated with a Law degree from Westminster University.

In 2014, she had the rare opportunity as an A-level student of undergoing a placement at global law firm, DLA Piper. The one week placement set off her journey to becoming a commercial solicitor.

During her undergraduate degree (2016 – 2019) she sought opportunities to obtain a better understanding of the field, through open days, law fairs, pro bono and volunteer work.

After graduating with a high 2:1 in 2019, she decided to take a gap year before commencing her LPC. The gap year was an initiative to upscale her transferrable skills in hope of becoming a stronger candidate for future employers. Before starting her own iOS development project in collaboration with a legal service provider, a significant portion of her gap year was placed on a litigation team in the fraud, bribery and corruption division.

In addition to working towards a training contract and qualification; Saihra is also an avid taekwondo athlete.

She trains 5 times a week with a combination of sport taekwondo and strength and conditioning sessions. She has won numerous medals across the nation and is set to make her international debut in the near future. She also runs an Instagram blog “LegalKicker” whereby she documents the ups and downs of her journey into legal profession whilst remaining in competitive sport.

Why Kissoon Carr?

When I came across Rob (MD) and his team, it didn’t take me very long to see how committed they were to the success of their clients, future lawyers and lawyers. From their Legally Speaking Podcast to career development services, featured webinar appearances and even to their social media presence there is an avenue for everyone. The law industry is very competitive and to have exposure to a platform that is essentially an all inclusive package feels like a privilege. The podcasts from personal experience have helped me upscale my own personal branding and I cannot wait to see where else being a representative of the firm takes me.