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Maximise Your LinkedIn Engagement

By 1st May 2020No Comments

Why Am I Getting Poor Engagement on LinkedIn?

Have you got loads of connections but very few likes? Are you posting on LinkedIn everyday but not getting the results you want? Do you use plenty of hashtags, but still not get enough views? Then this is for you.

Whilst you may think that simply posting loads of content, tagging lots of people and using every hashtag you can think of may help your engagement, you’re actually hurting it.

How Can I Maximise My LinkedIn Engagement?

To help you get the engagement you desire and build your personal brand, we have put together some of our best tips & tricks to beat LinkedIn’s algorithm and get your content seen!

Comments are King

Do you ask friends or colleagues to share your posts so they’re seen more? Do you simply like other people’s content to give it a boost? Whilst shares and likes are great, comments are king.

The LinkedIn algorithm values comments far more than other forms of engagement as they provide more data. More comments on your post will help boost the engagement of your post.

Pro Tips:

  • Responding or reacting to other peoples comments on your post can hugely increase the amount of views and engagement your post receives.
  • If you want to see more of someone else’s content, comment on their posts. They will show up more in your feed.

LinkedIn Hates Links

LinedIn prefers original content. As a result, the LinkedIn algorithm prefers posts that don’t have links. But this doesn’t mean you can’t link to content outside of LinkedIn.

Pro Tips:

  • Put any links as the first comment on your post. That way you can still link to different content whilst pleasing the LinkedIn Algorithm. It will also boost engagement!
  • Upload videos to LinkedIn rather than using a YouTube link or something else. Your posts will do much better.

The Golden Hour

The first 60 minutes after you publish a post are crucial. The most successful posts on LinkedIn need engagement within the first hour to do well. This engagement can be via comments, shares or likes.

Pro Tips:

  • Research shows that the posts that do best on LinkedIn typically get 20+ engagements in the first 60 minutes.

Tag Sensibly

Do you tag every Tom, Dick and Harry in your posts? Does everyone you tag actually respond? Tagging people that don’t respond actually harms your engagement.

Pro Tips:

  • It is best practice to tag no more than 5 people per post! This will help maximise engagement.
  • Only tag people that will respond or react to your post.

A Post a Day…

No one likes spam. Posting constant content on LinkedIn can easily make you the human equivalent of spam. No one wants that!

Posting 10+ posts a day will damage your engagement. In fact, the LinkedIn algorithm wants to show the content of numerous users rather than a minority of ‘heavy-users’. So posting numerous times per day actually makes it harder to get engagement as your post is less likely to show up on people’s feeds. If you post twice in one day, the second post needs 3x more engagement to get the same views. Consequently, you’re better off posting one great post per day rather than 10 average posts.

Pro Tips:

  • If you leave 4 hours between posts, LinkedIn treats the posts equally so you avoid the negative affects of over-posting.

The 3 Hashtag Rule

If you want your content seen, it is crucial that you use hashtags. Easy right? Wrong. We can all be guilty of making every other word a hashtag and hoping for the best. But LinkedIn doesn’t take too kindly to overuse of hashtags.

Not only does using 30+ hashtags look messy, but LinkedIn prefers if you use a maximum of 3 hashtags.

Pro Tips:

  • Use 1 for your own personal branding if you wish (we use #WeAreKissoonCarr), then 2 relevant to your post & network.
  • If a connection follows a hashtag you use i.e. #podcast then your post will get an extra boost in their feed.

Structuring Your Posts 

Everyone likes posts with a great hook-line, easy-to-read, short sentences and lots of white space. This has been coined as ‘Broetry’.  The first sentence of your post needs to grab peoples attention. Whilst the rest needs to be in easy sentences, with plenty of gaps. Posts with this structure get the most engagement, as you can see with the post pictured.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words 

Posts that include either a picture or video get far better engagement on LinkedIn. An eye-catching image can grab people’s attention and encourage your connections to react or respond to your post. Research shows that Text + Images do best, with Text + Video (uploaded to LinkedIn rather than via a link) are in close second.

Content Matters Most 

Whilst you can use all of our helpful tips & tricks to boost your LinkedIn engagement, the content in your post matters most. You need to post content that your connections will actually be interested in, and give them a reason to engage.

Pro Tips:

  • Authenticity is absolutely key when writing a post. People buy into people, so authentic posts get the best engagement.

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You can also contact one of our team about our personal branding & consultancy services. 

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