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Legal Influencers of LinkedIn Webinar: A Summary

By 17th July 2020No Comments

Kissoon Carr Ambassador Maia Crockford shares her thoughts on the Legal Influencers of LinkedIn webinar.

On Wednesday 15 July, Kissoon Carr hosted a free webinar, with impressive guest speakers LinkedIntrepreneur Shay Rowbottom and Managing Partner Patricia Baxter.

With approximately 300 sign-ups, the event was a huge success. Robert Hanna, Managing Director at Kissoon Carr, kicked off the evening by introducing both guests and highlighting the importance of the utilisation of social media; even as a lawyer.

Shay shared her story and some invaluable information regarding video content. She shared lots of tips and tricks including:

  • The use of headers,
  • Authenticity,
  • Target audiences,
  • Storytelling;
  • And calls to action.

Shay also described newsfeeds as ‘window shopping’, explaining that you’re not usually on your feed for a particular reason but if you see something you like you’ll explore further! Something that particularly stuck with me.

Patricia then took over and explained her approach to social media as a practicing lawyer. She vouched for Shay’s skills and how much the investment of Shay’s course was worthwhile. It was great to get some input from someone who has actually implemented the lessons taught by Shay.

The webinar ended with a Q&A session and lots of great questions were asked, specifically around having the confidence to create video content and maintain authenticity. Shay answered every question thrown her way with passion and a genuine desire to help.

I for one can say that I took so much value from the webinar! Content that I would have been more than happy to pay for.

Make sure to check out more of Maia’s insights on her legal blog: @mylegalcareer

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